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We demonstrate how to perform an in-plane approach to regional block of the saphenous nerve at the adductor canal. We review key anatomy with overlays and show injection of local anesthetic in the fascial plane. As Reddit user “anesthetica” observed, an increased angle is advised immediately prior to traversing the fascial layer to avoid inadvertent femoral artery puncture. Equipment: GE Logiq E Ultrasound Machine 22 G x 3 1/4′ (80 mm) SonoPlex echogenic stimulating needle Procedure performed by Gabrielle White-Dzuro, MD. Peer reviewed by David Hao, MD (@davidhaomd) and Raf Vazquez, MD (@RafMD1). Music “Emerald City” by Stephen Campbell, MD. Special thank you to Agung Semara Jaya for correcting our original muscle labels! — Note that the orientation of the ultrasound image may vary by institution and resource. — Disclaimer: Invasive medical procedures can result in harm to patients and practitioners and should be performed only by qualified medical professionals. This video is intended solely for informational purposes and to supplement, not replace, proper training and supervision by qualified instructors. Viewers are advised to check the most current information provided by the manufacturer for every device being used, and to verify the indications, contraindications and proper procedural technique. The dose, method of administration, and contraindications for any administered drug should be confirmed before use. The authors of the video do not assume any liability for any injury or damage to any person or property arising from the use of this video.